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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there discounts for University affiliates?

Yes! Please email us at for more information. 

When are the posters put up?

Our postering service is offered every Tuesday and Friday when classes are in session.

When are the posters taken down?

Posters will be placed on the day of the distribution date and will be removed as per OSL policy (view here). Please note that Harvard Distribution Services is not liable for damage/removal of posters due by inclement weather or third parties. Thank you for your understanding!

How do I make sure Distribution is ready to put up or distribute my items?

Please be sure to bring posters to our office at least two business days advance of your distribution date. Located at 67 Mount Auburn St, Harvard Student Agencies (behind a red door) is unlocked during business hours. Located on the second floor is a reception desk where you can drop your items off. Please email  if you would like to coordinate drop off.

By default, printing expenses are not included in the cost of distribution. If you would like us to take care of the printing, we do offer a copying service. After purchasing the copying service, please email us at with your poster design. From there, we will print and distribute your items on the designated date.

What size do the posters have to be for postering? What about direct-to-door items?

The Office of Student Life does not allow any posters larger than 11” x 17”. There is no size limit on direct-to-door items.

Do your postering prices include costs for printing materials?

Our postering and flyer direct-to-door prices do not include costs for printing materials. If you would like us to take care of the printing, check out our copying service.

How do you know what posters to print out if I purchase the copying service?

Please email us at with a pdf of what you would like the poster to look like. From there, we'll take care of printing and distribution

What is the difference between direct-to-door and postering?

Direct-to-door places your flyers underneath or at the door of students living on campus. Our postering service ensures that your posters are put up in central locations all around campus.