Now Offering Custom Designed Materials!


We are Harvard Distribution: the sole and exclusive distributor of print and other materials to Harvard’s campus and student body since 1980.

Chartered by Harvard University through our parent company Harvard Student Agencies, our team of couriers has been hanging posters and bringing materials directly to students' doors for over forty years. As students ourselves, we know this place. Informed and with access to where students live, study, socialize and eat, Harvard Distribution can put your message right in front of the entire student body. 

We’re the ones for this job. Under our parent company, Harvard Student Agencies, founded in 1957, our student managers consistently demonstrate exemplary business practices. Trust us: with our high-touch customer service, efficient and perfected operations, and competitive pricing, you’ll find your distribution successful and profitable. 

By supporting Harvard Distribution, you are supporting a student-run project and learning experience. Harvard Student Agencies is the world’s largest student-run business, and, as a nonprofit, all of our earnings go directly to paying student wages and the Harvard College financial aid fund. 

Whether you’re a startup looking to market your product, a recruiter looking to find Harvard students, or a venue looking to promote an event, consider using Harvard Distribution for all your delivery and print marketing needs. Thank you for supporting Harvard College undergraduate students!